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On January 23, there’s another new moon, this one in Aquarius.  New moons occur once a month and are always times to anticipate. They spell new opportunities, new chapters in our lives, new, new new.
Aquarius is an intriguing sign – idiosyncratic, a humanitarian, thinks way outside the box, a visionary, independent. Aquarius enjoys group activities that concern his interests and passions, but would otherwise prefer  doing his own thing, as his own pace.

As usual, go here to find out where this new moon falls in your chart. Then read on:
Aries/1st house: If you are born near March 22, with five days on either side, then you’re in for a real treat. New opportunities don’t just head your way; they fall in your lap, land on your doorstep, in your inbox. Friends are extremely helpful and may play vital roles in helping you achieve your desire. The suddenness to events may take you by surprise, but you’re ready to seize whatever comes your way.

Taurus/2nd house: New financial opportunities surface.  You have to be on your toes, though, ready to recognize opportunity when it knocks. Inner, hidden stuff may surface that actually helps clarify your goals, desires, wishes and dreams. If you don’t meditate yet, then start on the day of this new moon. Thanks to the angle Uranus makes to this new moon, there’s an unexpected suddenness to these opportunities.

Gemini/3rd house:  Yes, indeed, you are about to experience a new opportunity in something you love – communication! It may be a new  writing or speaking project of some kind. You  could sell an article, a novel, a screenplay, or suddenly your blog gets a hundred thousand hits. You may have an opportunity for foreign travel with perks – a free place to stay, for instance. Your worldview does an abrupt 180.

Cancer/4th house: This new moon jerks you out of your comfortable routine. You’re suddenly able to see the world the way others around you do. Your partner could and a raise – new income. Your mortgage comes through. You see a ghost, communicate with your dead father. The abruptness of events may be jarring, but the opportunities are very sweet, indeed.

Leo/5th house: New creative opportunities surface and, again, there’s an unexpected suddenness to this, so you should be vigilant so you can seize the opportunity as it appears. There could also be new opportunities with  children or grandchildren, with what you do for fun and pleasure, and in romance/love. Don’t shrug off coincidence as some random glitch in the universe’s digestive system. These synchros hold messages for you. You could find a new business partner – or you and your significant other  deepen your commitment to each other.

Virgo/6th house: New work opportunities, the very thing you Virgos love. Work, work, work. As the perfectionist of the zodiac, your gold standard now pays off. You get a raise, a promotion, or change jobs for something that really suits you.  New opportunities emerge in communication, too, and whatever it is, it’s a new venue for you.

Libra/7th house:  Well, Libra, you’ve got a choice and you know how crazy choices make you. New opportunities surface in your love life, your creative life, with your kids, your social life. If you don’t have kids but want to start a family, then this new moon could make it happen. To my Libra friend who is experiencing trouble with her mother’s illness, listen up: new opportunities and possibilities for your mom’s care seem to come out of nowhere. Your partner/spouse is helpful.

Scorpio/8th house: Your new opportunities come in the domestic area. If your home is for sale, it sells. If you’ve found your dream home, you buy it. You’re able to get a mortgage, home owner’s insurance, whatever else you need. But because you’re a Scorpio or have this new moon in your eighth house,  new opportunities also come through metaphysics, research and investigation, your intuition, through the big cosmic questions: what happens when you die? Can the living and the dead communicate? This is Scorpio’s natural terrain.

Sagittarius/9th house: New opportunities surface in communication, publishing, higher education, overseas travel. It’s never just one area for you that’s impacted by a new moon. You wear so many hats that even your mother isn’t sure who arrives at the front door on a given day. Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries forms a beneficial angle to this new moon and lends itself to unexpected suddenness with whatever unfolds.

Capricorn/10th house: Think of this new moon as your career and financial infusion –or is that transfusion?  Either one is good. New professional and financial opportunities surface that impact your domestic environment. Sounds as though a pay raise or promotion enables you do some work around your house  or property or enables you do put out money for a family member. Parent? Partner? Child? Regardless, the new opportunities strengthen you financially and professionally.

Aquarius/11th house:  Just once a year, there’s a new moon in each sign and January 23 is your new moon. Plan for it.  Make a list of what you would like to manifest, be as specific or as general as your intuition directs. Friends and group participation are helpful, but the but the real power to manifest lies in you. What do you want/desire more than anything else? Give it some thought. Back the desire with strong emotion. Then step aside and let the universe deliver.

Pisces/12th house: New opportunities surface to delve into your own unconscious, to work behind the scenes doing something you love. Whatever  it is comes about so rapidly that if you blink, it’s gone.  Therapy, meditation, dream recall are all valuable tools now. There’s something new emerging on the financial front, too, and it’s positive, affirming, and right in line with your magnificent imagination and intuition. Be on your toes, Pisces. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.



the past few years, the impact of the new moon upon me physically and otherwise seems to have grown - or perhaps it's more a case of my awareness of it has grown - but whichever - the new moon has now become like the full moon to me - i could be in a locked closet and tell you when it's either or both happening - and to have the solar flares so rampant on this new moon time, double whammy!

Trish said...

I figured you were sensitive, Gypsy!