Sun Sign Basics


No doubt about it. You’re a fearless pioneer, a dynamo whose emotions are the fuel that moves you from point A to point B in half the time it takes someone else to travel the same distance. When your passions are aroused, you have almost no equal in getting the job done. The challenge for you lies in sustaining that passion when your interest begins to wane.

You aren’t the world’s most patient person. This is readily apparent when other people just don’t get it. In this case, “it” is whatever seems obvious to you but not to others. In this same vein of impatience, any kind of waiting is anathema to you. Traffic, lines in stores, airport delays: it’s enough to drive you nuts.

You pride yourself on your self-sufficiency and why shouldn’t you? You’ve spent time and energy developing that part of yourself. You may have invested so much energy in self-sufficiency, however, that it’s difficult for you to depend on others when it would certainly lighten your own load. You also don’t like to feel vulnerable, which makes it tough for you to lower your guard and defenses even if you’re in need of comforting and hugs from the people who love you most.


Many astrologers draw analogies between Taurus and Ferdinand the bull. The author probably wasn’t thinking about Taurus when he created the character, but Ferdinand is the perfect archetype for Taurus. Ferdinand enjoyed peaceful surroundings and so do you. Thank your ruler, Venus, for that.

In fact, peacefulness and harmony are vital to your emotional well-being. You need these qualities the way a Gemini needs books or education or communication with other people. It usually takes a lot to anger you, but repeated provocation can trigger your “bull’s rush” fury, the human equivalent of Ferdinand’s reaction to the bee-sting. Some of the things that can set you off are: incessant nagging by someone who wants you to do something you don’t want to do; insistence that you act in a particular way; unreasonable demands or actions by anyone. 

This isn’t to say that all of these things will send you ballistic. Generally, though, you don’t tolerate violation of your private space, whatever that space happens to be. If someone stumbles into your private zone, they not only discover your bull’s rush, but they find out just how stubborn the bull can be. This sign is the most stubborn in the zodiac. And when you dig in your heels, nothing can force you to move – no threat, no enticement, no promised seduction. 

As a fixed sign, you are slow to change your opinions – and your feelings. This is a “prove it to me” moon. You love me? You want to be with me? Prove it to me. Intuition is natural? Prove it to me. The fixed nature of Taurus makes you somewhat conservative, especially when it comes to finances and your personal possessions. You’re prudent where money is concerned and yet you can be enormously generous with people you love. 


Your nemesis is boredom. Its possibility unnerves you. If you were put in a bare room without windows, books, TV, radio, computer, paper or pen, phone, fax, or anything else, and you would freak within the hour. This may be true of the other air signs as well, but for you it’s a sure thing. Your emotional well-being needs mental stimulation and the means to communicate with others.

Gemini is a dual sign, symbolized by the twins, and ruled by Mercury. The only other sign that is represented by two of anything is Pisces – the two fish. The standing joke about Geminis – sun, moon, or rising – is that you’re never sure which one comes down to breakfast in the morning. Is it the upbeat, witty twin? Or the sullen twin? Sometimes, you’re not even sure yourself which twin is dominant on a given day.

One thing is for certain, though. Your wit and mental quickness are among your strongest assets. You can talk to virtually anyone, anywhere, any time, and you can talk about almost anything. You have an excellent memory for trivia and when the trivia is backed by strong emotion, your memory is nothing short of incredible. You’re adept at stringing together seemingly disparate bits of information and putting them together in new ways.


When you are recalling something from the past, you’re able to conjure sights, smells, tastes, sounds and textures with vivid detail. The event you’re recalling may have happened thirty years ago, but in your memory it’s just as fresh and detailed as the day it happened.

As a moon-ruled sign, you’re an emotional person easily hurt by others. Quite often, this hurt isn’t intended. But your acute sensitivity makes you feel vulnerable and it isn't easy for you to step back and view a situation or relationship dispassionately. Family, home, and roots are important to you and are the elements around which your life revolves. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your “family” exists in the traditional sense of the word; a family can be any group of people with whom you share a deep bond. It may be a spiritual practice that bonds you or the fact that you all work in the same office or something else altogether.
You have deep attachments to the past and this makes it difficult for you to ever toss out anything. Your closets are a collector’s paradise, with small treasures tucked away in every nick and cranny. But they may be the stuff of nightmares for your significant other.

At times, you can talk at great length about your life, mentioning people and places that don’t mean anything to someone else. You simply assume that other people know who these characters are and are as fascinated by them as you are. People who know you well love your storytelling, but strangers may not be quite as enthused. Don’t take offense. How’s that saying go? Different strokes and so on? Well, your strokes are different, for sure, and it’s those very differences that make you interesting to other people.


Lights! Curtain! It’s showtime! When you enter a room, people notice you. And if for some reason they don’t, then you make sure that they do. This isn’t just an ego thing, either. Applause and being noticed are vital to your well-being even if your only audience is your family. You need to be recognized as someone special.

Okay, so now that we got that part over with, let’s get down to the fundamentals of your sign. You love kids and animals and are the kind of person who gets down on the rug and rolls around with a three-year-old without thinking twice about it. Pop psychologists call this being in touch with your inner child, but whatever you call it, it’s part of who you are and you aren’t going to change. But even these moments possess your usual flamboyance, which kids love, of course. 

You have a real dramatic flair that usually serves you well, unless you fail to get the recognition you crave, then all that drama can get really obnoxious. You cry, you rant and rave, you kick doors, you act out. People who know you either walk away rolling their eyes or they endure your tirade and pay attention to you. You appear to be self-confident and assured and because of it can attract a significant other who is equally independent or who is the exact opposite, an insecure type drawn to your inner strength. As long as this person appreciates you and feeds your need for adulation, the relationship functions smoothly. Problems crop up when the other person tries to control or dominate you or restrict your freedom in some way.


You’re trying to sketch a tree. But your tree isn’t a perfect replica of the tree you’re using as your model. Your tree has funny leaves or too many branches or the trunk lacks texture. So you crumple up the drawing, tear a fresh sheet from your sketchpad, and start over again. You do this in every part of your life, especially in communication. Mercury-ruled like Gemini, you have the gift of gab and the precise words you use are important. 

This quest for perfection typifies your journey. You don’t seek perfection just for the sake of perfection, but perfection as an ideal, a state of mind, a state of being. For some Virgos, this can show up as concern for external order – no clutter, furniture arranged just right, books alphabetized by author or subject or, at the extreme, by the Dewey decimal system. You also need emotional order. If your emotions are cluttered, you feel out of sorts. You need to understand what’s out of sorts and take steps to rectify it. 

If you ignore whatever isn’t working, then the emotional confusion may find an outlet through criticism of others or self-criticism. Once you’re aware of this tendency, you’ll realize that the people and situations you criticize (even yourself) reflect some facet of your emotional life that needs attention. Before you dismiss this notion as too facile to have merit, try it out. Pay close attention to who and what at you criticize. The Virgo message? Be the best that you can be.


We live in a world of specialties and quickly learn to think of people according to their specialties. He’s a neurologist. She’s an acupuncturist. You’re a software whiz. And within every specialty, there are certain things that make the specialist swoon – or gag. Astrology is no different.
Among astrologers, certain signs stir the soul for the sheer beauty of what they represent. Libra is like that. At the heart of it, you’re a lover, a true romantic. Moonlit beaches, bouquets of roses, books of poetry, going to the opera, a summer rain: this is the language your soul really speaks. You specialize in relationships in all their varied and myriad forms. That’s what you’re here for. To be involved. To learn cooperation and balance within relationships. 

In a group, you’re the mediator, the one who can see both sides of an issue with such clarity that you often end up quelling arguments and disagreements. Due to your amiable personality, some people think you’re a pushover. These are the same people who fail to realize that you use diplomacy and intelligence to get what you want from them. 

Your need for harmony prompts you to keep the peace in any given situation and sometimes, this is peace at any cost. As a result, you may resort to secrecy now and then. You might, for instance, not tell your spouse that your daughter got a C on a math test because you know he or she will over react. So you and your daughter keep the secret to yourselves and you work with her on math for the next few weeks, until she aces the next exam. In this way, you avoid a confrontation and maintain peace.


Ruled by powerful Pluto, you’re an intense individual whose emotions sometimes are so sweepingly powerful, that it’s as if you’re seized by a force beyond your control. Despite how it feels, this sense of outside forces is just an illusion. Your emotions and your innate psychic ability are your most powerful allies. They provide you with a direct, immediate connection to the deepest parts of your intuitive self and are capable of instantly transforming your reality.
This transformation happens when you bring your considerable will, intent, and desire to bear against whatever it is that you want to change. When the energy of this sign is focused and backed with passion, this change occurs at the quantum level and can result in the remission of illness or disease, sudden rise in wealth and fame, an explosion of psychic ability… well, you get the general idea. 

The abundance of raw psychic talent that comes with this sign can produce a closet mystic, the neighborhood tea leaf reader, or an outright clairvoyant. With some people, the ability shows up at a young age. With others, it’s a talent you grow into. In either case, though, you may have a natural attraction for “Scorpio things”: mystical books and philosophies, synchronicity, near-death research, communication with the dead, sex and sexual issues. Your investigative abilities in these areas can be astonishing. You’re always after the absolute bottom line.


Oh, baby, let the good times roll! And for Sadge, those good times mean music, deep talk, exotic travel, esoteric ideas, a continual quest to understand the universe in which you live. At heart, you’re an explorer and how the expression of that eagerness depends entirely on your free will. In one form or another, the search for a higher truth is what you’re about.

Even though you may go for years without being able to identify the inner itch that propels you from one experience to another, at some point you’re able to identify the source of that itch. That moment of illumination may be triggered by an external event, a relationship, travel, a health issue, or some inner experience that literally transforms you.You’re often blunt when dealing with others, particularly when the other guy just doesn’t get what seems so obvious to you. Patience and nuance aren’t your strong points. The exception to this occurs when you’re pursuing something about which you feel passionate, then you have the patience of Mother Theresa and are as detail-oriented as a Virgo. 

Like your fire cousin, Aries, your thing is action. You would rather do than think about doing. As a mutable sign, you’re emotionally adaptable. You have opinions about virtually everything and aren’t the least bit hesitant in expressing these opinions. This becomes a problem if you’re dogmatic or bombastic about what you believe and try to convert others to your way of thinking. You’re great at grasping the big picture. The challenge is to see the trees as clearly as you do the forest and to relate it to your daily life. With practice, your intuition can provide the essential details of that larger picture.


There’s holding power with your sun sign, a kind of relentless persistence that endures despite whatever challenges and obstacles are encountered. No wonder the sign is symbolized by the goat, that most benign of creatures, capable of scaling a rocky incline with graceful endurance. It may take the goat his entire life to climb the summit, but he eventually makes it.

You set long-term goals and have the vision to maintain the goals while you’re trying to achieve them. Sometimes, it seems like such a struggle that you question what you’re doing and the path you’re taking to get there. But usually, your tenacity is stronger than your doubt. And when it isn’t, then you reassess your goals and either fine tune them or find new ones. If the goal is built around a childhood dream, however, all bets are off. The dream is rooted so deeply in your psyche that nothing shakes you from it. The problem with this kind of goal is that it can consume you to the point of obsession. Once you’re obsessed, your judgment is skewed and it’s too easy to compromise your integrity to achieve what you desire. Control becomes the primary issue. In essence, you set yourself up for a monumental fall. 

Capricorn is at home with structure, rules, and regulations. As a result, you may be locked into a rigid belief system that blocks you in some area of your life. It would be to your advantage to scrutinize your deepest beliefs and question whether they work well in your life. Maybe you’re trapped in a dead end marriage but can’t bring yourself to get out because of the kids or because your religious beliefs forbid it. Maybe you believe that all doctors are god or that conventional thinking is always right. Regardless of how this rigidness shows up in your life, question the beliefs behind it. The mere act of questioning often triggers your intuition to reach out and find the answers you’re seeking.


The adage about marching to a different drummer fits you. In fact, at times you hear its music in your very cells and feel compelled to decipher the message and act on it. This is the sign, after all, that ushers in new paradigms by refusing to go along with the status quo. The visionary component to this sign gives you an edge on new trends. You spot the next wave long before anyone else does. The trick is acting on it and putting it to work for you in your personal and professional life. All too often your rational mind gets in the way, arguing and putting up blocks, trying to keep you within the confining box of consensus reality. Or someone close to you – a parent, close friend, significant other – inadvertently plays that role and you suddenly find yourself on the defensive. 

This doesn’t mean that you’re always in a defensive position. It does mean, however, that until you incorporate the visionary component into your daily life, you may feel considerable emotional discomfort. You gravitate toward groups of people who share some of your beliefs and interests. This is true to some extent for all of us, but for you it’s particularly important. The groups often encompass humanitarian ideals, a particular spiritual belief system, or some unique interest that you have. The people in this group may not be your closest friends, but the thread that binds you is strong. 

This focus on individuality is another facet of Aquarius. Despite your involvement with group activities, you recognize that each of us is unique. You’re tolerant of people who think and believe differently than you do and yet, you can’t abide social injustices of any sort. This is where your humanitarian bent and your radical ideas may show up most strongly. 


Okay, do you want the bottom line first? No, probably not. Maybe a middle line or a diagonal line, but please, not the bottom line. Not today. Maybe next week you’ll be in a better frame of mind to deal with The Bottom Line. Or maybe not. In fact, it’s likely that you may never want to hear the bottom line, that your life is much happier without BOTTOM LINES. If that’s the case, then skip the next paragraph. But if you think you’re ready for The Bottom Line, then keep reading.

You’re the archetypal dreamer, the one whose imagination is as huge as the universe,your feet never really firmly rooted on the earth. Flaky or mushhead may be adjectives you heard as a kid, but the people who called you names like that didn’t have a clue about who you really were or are. This moon sign is the most compassionate of the zodiac, the true bleeding heart. You can’t pass a homeless person on the street without giving him money and you definitely can’t resist the soulful gaze of a stray pup or kitten. Injustices of any sort fill you with such sadness that quite often you feel overcome and depressed by what you see around you. Your challenge is to detach emotionally from situations and people who cause you this kind of anguish. 

Part of the problem is that you’re a psychic sponge who soaks up the emotions and moods of the people around you. This alone makes it vital that you associate with upbeat, positive people and situations that boost your energy rather than sap it. As awater sign ruled by elusive Neptune, you have the adaptability of Gemini and Sagittarius and the emotional intelligence of Cancer and Scorpio. Pisces is the only other sign besides Gemini that’s symbolized by two of something – in this case, two fish swimming in opposite directions. Duality is inherent to both signs, but with Gemini, it’s a mental duality and with Pisces, it’s emotional. The negative manifestation of this emotional duality is that you often have a tough time making decisions. Should I stay in the marriage or get out? For some Pisces people, this indecisiveness extends to even the smallest decisions: should I have cereal or cantaloupe for breakfast? There’s no easy way to combat indecisiveness like this except to make a decision and then stick with it.