Here are some interesting links about astrology, 2012, consciousness, divination, healing, synchronicity, and all things that go bump in the night!

Synchro Secrets - our blog on or meaningful coincidence

Mike  Perry's site on synchronicity

Teapots happen - more synchronicity

Susan Miller's  astrology site

for a free chart 

a superb I Ching site

Writer Whitley Strieber's intriguing site

Life in the Second Half -  consciousness, synchros, a bit of everything

Spirit of Magenta - a psychic's view down under

Gypsy's Blog -passionate poetry as only a Leo woman can write it

Fractal Times -  psychic experiences, lucid dreams, synchros

22c+ - from an intuitive in Hong Kong

Healing Mudras - from a Reiki healer in Laos

Mythic Musings - an exploration of myths, dreams, the collective unconscious