The Planets

The planets in astrology are the players who make things happen. They’re the characters in the story of your life. And this story always begin with the sun, the giver of life.

Your sun sign describes your self-expression, your primal energy, the essence of who you are. It’s the archetypal pattern of your Self. When you know another person’s sun sign, you already have a great deal of information about that person. Let’s say you’re a Taurus who has just started dating a Gemini. How compatible are you? On the surface, it wouldn’t seem that you have much in common. Taurus is a fixed earth sign; Gemini is a mutable air sign.  Taurus is persistent, stubborn, practical, a cultivator as opposed to an initiator. Gemini is a chameleon, a communicator, social, with a mind as quick as lightning.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, which governs the arts, money, beauty, love and romance,  and Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which governs communication and travel. There doesn’t seem to be much common ground. But before we write off this combination, let’s look a little deeper.       

Suppose the Taurus has Mercury in Gemini and suppose the Gemini has Venus in Taurus? This would mean that the Taurus and Gemini each have their rulers in the other person’s sign. They probably communicate well and probably enjoy travel and books (Mercury) and would see eye to eye on romance, art, and music (Venus). They might get along so well, in fact, that they collaborate on creative projects.

Each of us is also influenced by the other nine planets (the sun and moon are treated like planets in astrology) and the signs they were transiting when you were born. Suppose our Taurus and Gemini have the same moon sign? The moon rules our  inner needs,  emotions and intuition, and all that makes us feel secure within ourselves. Quite often, compatible moon signs can overcome even the most glaring difference in sun signs because the two people share similar emotions.

In the list below are the attributes of the planets and the signs they rule.

Sun: rules Leo.  
Self-expression, primal energy, creative ability, ego, individuality 

Moon: rules Cancer.
Emotions, intuition, mother or wife, security, inner life    
Mercury:  rules  Gemini, Virgo               
Intellect, mental acuity, communication, logic, reasoning, travel, contracts

Venus:  rules Taurus, Libra 
Love, romance, beauty, artistic instincts, the arts, music, material and financial resources  
Mars: rules Aries, co-rules Scorpio
 Physical and sexual energy, aggression, drive. ambition   

Jupiter:  rules Sagittarius, co-rules Pisces
Luck, expansion, success, prosperity, growth, creativity, spiritual interests, higher education, law , overseas travel, worldview

Saturn: rules  Capricorn, co-rules Aquarius
Laws of physical universe, discipline, responsibility, structure, karma, authority

Uranus: rules Aquarius
Individuality, genius, eccentricity, originality, scientific discoveries, electronics, radio, TV, the Internet

Neptune:   rules Pisces
Visionary self, illusions, what’s hidden, psychic ability, dissolution of ego boundaries, spiritual insights, dreams, higher inspiration, the higher self

Pluto: rules  Scorpio      
The darker side, death, sex, regeneration, rebirth, anything hidden, profound and permanent change, transformation