Omarr's Number System

Sydney Omarr was not only an excellent astrologer, but a numerologist as well. After he passed on, his assistant explained the system he used to peg a particular day as a 1 day, for instance, or as a 5 day. We integrated that system into the daily predictions.

If you're familiar with numerology, then you probably know your path number, which is derived from your birth date.  That number represent who you were at birth and the traits that you carry with you throughout your life. But in the daily predictions, what does it mean when it’s a number 9 day, and how did it get to be that number? 

In the dailies, you’ll usually find these numbers on the days when the moon is transiting from one sign to another. The system is simple: add the numbers related to the astrological sign (1 for Aries, 2 for Taurus, etc.), the year, the month, and the day. 

For example, to find what number June 14, 2011 is for a Libra, you would start with 7, ghe number for the number for Libra, add 4 (the number you get when you add 2011 together), plus 6 for June, plus 5 (1+4) for the day. That would be 7+4+6+5 (sign + year + month+ day) = 22=4. So June 14, 2011 is a number 4 day for a Libra. It would be a 5-day for a Scorpio, the sign following Libra. So on that number 4 day, Libra might be advised that her organizational skills are highlighted, that she should stay focused, get organized, be methodical and thorough. She’s building a creative future. Tear down the old in order to rebuild. Keep your goals in mind, follow your ideas.

Briefly, here are the meanings of the numbers, which are included in more detail in the dailies themselves. 

1) Taking the lead, getting a fresh start, a new beginning
2) Cooperation, partnership, a new relationship, sensitivity
3) Harmony, beauty, pleasures of life, warm, receptive
4) Getting organized, hard work, being methodical, re-building, fulfilling
your obligations
5) Freedom of thought and action, change, variety, thinking outside the box
6) A service day, being diplomatic, generous, tolerant, sympathetic
7) Mystery, secrets, investigations, research, detecting deception,
exploration of the unknown, of the spiritual realms
8) Your power day, financial success, unexpected money, a windfall
9) finishing a project, looking beyond the immediate, setting your goals,
reflection, expansion. 

Once you become accustomed to what the numbers mean for a particular day, you can adjust your attitude and thoughts accordingly. After all, how a day or a week, month, or year unfold depends more on your attitude toward yourself and your world than it does on any number or astrology sign. If you practice waking up each morning in a spirit of adventure and gratitude, then pretty soon it becomes second nature and your life shifts accordingly. Sound like magical thinking? It is. Try it and watch your life change.