Friday, February 3, 2012

War, Neptune, and Hit Counters

Hit counters like sitemeter and statcounter have various categories that provide specific information about the visitors to your blog or website. One of the most intriguing categories is the search term visitors use.

Whenever a word or phrase appears repeatedly over the course of several days, particularly if it’s something  I haven’t seen before, I take notice. That term could be a kind of oracle that points to an emerging pattern in the collective unconscious. In the past several days, we’ve had multiple hits for the word war. 

Granted, with 7 billion people in the world, there are probably millions who daily Google that word. But in the three years since we started this blog, this word has never appeared as a search term in sitemeter. Never. I mentioned it to Rob in a sort of offhanded way, and explained that all these individuals landed on this post,  for its image.

The searches came from all over the world – war.  Why? War certainly isn’t a new concept. The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars aren’t new. But there it was, over and over again in sitemeter. War, war, war.
So this evening, February 2, 2012, I heard Wolf Blitzer on CNN talking about the possibility of Israel attacking Iran.  And if Israel attacks, that means it happens with the sanction of the U.S. and, perhaps, of other countries, too. (Good explanation about what’s going on.)

This news coincides with an astrological event that no one alive on the planet has ever experienced: today, at 2:03 EST,  Neptune enters Pisces, where it will be until 2026. It hasn’t been in that sign since 1844. History is our best measurement here about possible events, so let’s look back to some of the major events that occurred.

Neptune rules spirituality and escapism, our personal unconscious and dreams, our ideals and our blind spots and our illusions. It can be the archetype of the victim, the martyr, and dissolves the boundaries between ego and other. It urges us to reach and help others, to give something back. It is deeply inspirational, creative, innovative, intuitive, psychic.

Neptune  also rules religious fervor and zealotry, a kind of spiritual ping pong where each side is convinced he is right and knows it in his gut. But because Neptune is a subtle trickster,  neither side turns out to be spiritually correct. In fact, words like right and wrong no longer mean anything at all. There are only opinions and beliefs and all of them are flawed in some way. We can visualize the ideal, but it eludes us unless  we surrender to whatever it happening, go with the flow, read the synchros.
2012 isn’t about Armageddon. It’s about how we, as a human collective, as a mass consciousness, react to the events around us.  Do we cower in fear and or do we reach out and help a stranger? Do we allow ourselves to become victims or martyrs or do we become heroes when we step up to the plate and live our ideals? Do we start wars or try to negotiate peaceful, idealistic settlements?

I want to say that Neptune in Pisces is about living from the heart. That’s part of it, but not the whole picture. Yes, this 14-year transit is about compassion and empathy, but it’s also about intuitive understanding and  manifestation. If we can imagine it, if enough of us desire peace, tolerance, good will, and freedom for all and back this desire with powerful emotions, then the quantum wave becomes quantum particles and crashes into physical existence.  And then the world by 2026 is going to be a very different place.

I’m not sure how a post intended to be about hit counters and words as oracular patterns became a statement about war and Neptune and the choices ahead of us, but here you are. It must be an early taste of Neptune’s entrance in Pisces. Who am I? Where do I fit? Why am I here? How can I make a difference? These are Neptunian questions and they beg for answers.


Natalie said...

Oh, how I love this post. I have Neptune in Scorpio, and just feel kind of relieved that it's gonna hit lots of people in a similar vein. I have been nagging and cajoling and whatever other thing i can think of to spur people on in reaching out.
Blessed is Neptune in Pisces. *tears welling in relief* Wahoo!
wv =twontrac....two on track :)

Trish said...

Then u with yor nep in Scorpio should enjoy this transit. It is great for psychic work!

Natalie said...

Indeedy! I start teaching this week, your books are on my course list. :)