Monday, January 9, 2012

Full moons are often a time of madness on the planet. The crazies come out of the woodwork, people are more accident prone, impatient, reckless.  At the heart of it, though, the hidden is illuminated – on both a personal and a collective level- and that can drive many of us to emotional extremes.

On January 9, the full moon in Cancer falls at 18 degrees, 26 minutes. Go here to find out where this moon falls in your chart.

Cancer is a nurturing, subjective, and family-oriented sign. It is highly intuitive, its feelings are easily hurt, and its energies are focused, directed. It dislikes emotional confrontations and, like the crab that represents this sign, it retreats at the first sign of conflict, withdrawing tightly into its shell.

What’s interesting about this full moon is that Mars forms a close and beneficial angle to it. Mars represents our physical and sexual energy. It’s our booster rocket in life, that part of us that explodes forward to pursue what we desire. It’s our heat sensor, our personal GPS. While it’s in Virgo, it’s able to get us from point A to B without any problem. We might even get from B to G. But too many steps beyond that, and we’re lost. We become Hansel and Gretel stealing off into the forest at night, tossing bread crumbs behind us in the hopes that we find our way back.

If we rely on our left brains, our ego-centered selves to get to where we want to go, we can pretty much figure we’ll be wandering for along time. If we allow our intuition to guide us, our emotions, our hunches, then we’ll do just fine during this full moon.

On the night of this full moon, Mercury and Pluto are widely  conjunct in earth sign Capricorn. This means that any type of visualization and meditation you do clarifies whatever confusion you have about something, and puts you in the power seat because you suddenly get it. Venus and Neptune are closely conjunct in air sign Aquarius, a wonderful indicator for creativity and the beauty of romance in any intimate relationship.

Jupiter forms a tight and beneficial angle to Mercury on the night of this full moon (in earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn) so your conscious mind is primed and ready for expansion.
Between January 1-22, every planet is moving in direct motion – they’re all behaving! Then on the 22nd, Mars in Virgo turns retrograde until April 14. And that aspect is for another post.

The sign of Cancer refers to your native country.  Look for revelations about something that has been hidden. In the U.S., for instance, it might be this headline.

In your country, it might be something else. That headline may define the year ahead for your country.

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