Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Moon in Capricorn

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On December 24, we have the last new moon of the year, in Capricorn, a focused, determined earth sign. Before we even get started about this new moon, check out your natal chart to find out where Capricorn falls. That house will be most impacted by this new moon. Go here to find out what the houses means.

This new moon is at 2 degrees Capricorn, so for me it  lands in my third house of communication, writing, siblings, education, travel, my neighborhood, my conscious mind. I can expect new opportunities in any or all of these areas.

One thing you can count on with the Cappy new moon is heightened ambition, strategy, planning. You’re suddenly a paragon of the efficient. You’re the arrow headed for the target, right into the bull’s eye. Listen to your intuition and then act accordingly.

One of the things this new moon represents for Rob and me is the empty nest again. Megan has been living with us for the last seven months, since her graduation from college. Even though her activities are quite separate from ours, the three of us inhabit the same space, come together as a family when we need each other’s support and unconditional love. Her internship with Disney begins in mid-January, she’ll move  the weekend before it begins. But for you, this new moon could mean a new job, a new career, partnership, creative endeavor. NEW. That’s the operative word.

If you’re an earth or water sign, or have your moon or rising in earth or water, you’ll be as pleased as a pig in mud. But because we all have Capricorn somewhere ,  you will  enjoy something new in whatever house Capricorn falls.

Pluto falls within five degrees of this new moon, so whatever this new opportunity is, it has the power  to transform some area of your life.  Uranus, the planet of sudden, unexpected events, forms a challenging angle to this new moon. It could mean some tension in the air, but it also suggests that the new opportunities come to you out of the blue. Surprise! Here I am. 

Then, the really good news: Jupiter in Taurus forms a close, beneficial angle to this new moon and that is certainly cause for celebration. It means the new opportunity expands some area of your life. Even though Jupiter is retrograde on the 24th, it turns direct the next day, so once Jupiter is behaving, you’ll start to see some action.

Happy New Moon!

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