Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Highlights

 solar eclipse of the sun

This month has some terrific astrological events that are worth noting. 

Circle May 12-13. These two days are the luckiest this year. The sun and Jupiter meet up in Taurus and spread around luck, expansiveness, optimism, and good cheer generally. This conjunction falls on a weekend, but the effects will be felt for a couple of days on either side of those dates. So send our resumes, schedule interviews, submit manuscripts, buy a lottery ticket, make travel plans, get out of town with the one you love, have a family reunion. You get the idea here. These two days are about joy.

May 20 features a solar eclipse in Gemini. Solar eclipses are like double new moons, with double the new opportunities that surface. This eclipse is particularly good because Jupiter is only six degrees away from the eclipse degree. Check out your natal horoscope here  to find out where the eclipse falls in your chart.   Then go here to read the description of the house in which the solar eclipse falls. That house is where the new opportunities should surface.

On May 22, Mercury and Jupiter link up in Taurus and   suddenly, your consciousness swells with ideas, your communication skills are sharper, your mind buzzes with ideas.   

Between May 15 and June 27, Venus is moving retrograde in Gemini. There may be some bumps and bruises in romantic relationships during this period and it’s a good idea not to buy any large ticket items. Sometimes, a Venus retrograde can create discomforts and inconveniences in your physical environment – no air conditioning, for instance, or no heat.

That said, excellent deals can be found during Venus retros. Several years back, we bought a used car during a Venus retro. It wasn’t exactly what we wanted – namely, it was a manual shift rather than automatic – but it had low mileage and we got it for a great price.

However, when we took it in for its first oil change, we discovered the car had some problems. It had been in an accident and Mazda refused to cover the warranty because the work had apparently been done somewhere other than Mazda. So we complained to the place that had sold us the car and they covered the costs. A year later,  we sold the car for exactly what we paid for it.

One other thing to avoid during a Venus retrograde: don’t sign contracts. Venus retros can depress your profits.

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