Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mercury Retrograde, August 2-26

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On August 2, Mercury - the planet of communication, travel, the conscious mind - turns retrograde for the second time this year. Since the retro begins when Mercury is barely at one degree of Virgo, the planet quickly slips back into Leo, where it finally turns direct again on August 26.

We all have Mercury somewhere in our natal charts and we all have Virgo and Leo somewhere on a house cusp. In my own chart, for example, I have Leo on the cusp of my tenth house and Virgo on the cusp of the eleventh house. That means these two areas - career (the 10th house) and my goals and dreams  (the 11th house)  will be most impacted by the retrograde. But even if you don't have any idea what your natal chart looks like, much less what sign is where, you'll feel the retro in general ways:

 - Communication misunderstandings often abound during a retrograde, so in this area, take nothing for granted. If you have an appointment scheduled, double check it. Confirm with the other person.

- Make travel plans on either side of the retrograde. If possible, don't travel during the retrograde - at least, not by plane. But if you have to travel, then look at the trip as an adventure. Be flexible. Your itinerary may change unexpectedly.

- It's wise not to submit manuscripts, resumes, or anything else during a Mercury retrograde. Instead, follow the three Rs: revise, rewrite, rethink.

- Finish up old projects rather than starting something new.

- Get in touch with old friends  and don't be surprised if you receive a friend request on Facebook and it turns out to be that kid you sat next to in third grade.

- Be sure to back up your computer's hard drives. Be redundant - a flash drive, an external hard drive.  If an appliance goes on the fritz during the retro period and it's something you can get along without for a awhile, hold off purchasing a new one until after August 26.

- If you're job hunting, then something you applied for awhile back could open up.  Don't sign any contracts, though, until after August 26!

Those are the broad strokes. Once you become aware of Mercury retrogrades, which happen three times a year, you'll know what to look for and what the drill is for mitigating its effects. These periods are great for reflection, reading, researching...more Rs!

If you don't have a meditation practice, then consider starting one during this period.  Begin with just five minutes a day. If you don't have an exercise routine, then start one. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. Also, pay close attention to your dreams. Quite often, dreams hold insights and information that can be helpful.

If all else fails, remember: this too shall pass!

If you know your  exact time of birth, the enter it and your location and date at this link for a free birth chart.  They even offer a free interpretation. I tested it with my own chart and it's accurate.



i just used the astrolabe site to get my chart - it was almost instantaneously there once i typed in the info - thanks so much for the link!


forgot to mention how much i appreciate the merc retro reminders - and in-depth analysis - thanks!


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